Shawaf Al Betaar (BH)
grey 1994
Royal Arabian Stud of Bahrain
Musannaan Al-Meemar (BH)
grey 1981
Royal Arabian Stud of Bahrain
Jellaby Alasil (BH) Wadhnaan Alashghar (BH)
Jellabieh 229 (BH)
Musannah (BH)  
Shawafah Nedhaayir (BH)
bay 1980
Royal Arabian Stud of Bahrain
Ma'anaghy Alsaghir (BH) Jellaby Alwasmiya (BH)
Ma'anaghieh Bint Ma'anaghieh I (BH)
Shawafah Hadiyyah (BH) Jellaby Alwasmiya (BH)
Shawafah Bint Shawafah Alouda (BH)
Kuheila't Aafas Nood (BH)
bay 1998
Royal Arabian Stud of Bahrain
Jellaby Nejib (BH)
bay 1982
Royal Arabian Stud of Bahrain
Jellaby Alsakhir (BH) Dhahmaan Alawwal (BH)
Jellabieh Alshafqa (BH)
Jellabieh 229 (BH) Krushaan Alaswad (BH)
Jellabieh 565 (BH)
Kuheila't Aafas Reem El-Nufood (BH)
grey 1974
Royal Arabian Stud of Bahrain
Hamdaany (BH) Jellaby Almarshoosh Althani (BH)
Hamdanie't Fatis (SA)
Kuheila't Aafas Alhamra (BH) Dhahmaan Alawwal (BH)


General information

Breeder: Royal Arabian Stud of Bahrain (Bahrain)
Owner: Janów Podlaski Stud

bay sire, born 2007
measurements: 159-174-18 cm

Sire line: Felhaan Alshawaf, bred by Royal Arabian Stud of Bahrain (BH)
Dam line: Kuheila't Aafas Alhamra 1954, bred by Royal Arabian Stud of Bahrain (BH)

Racing record

16 starts


   Kuheilaan Aafas Maidaan was gifted in 2014 to Janów Podlaski Stud by the King of Bahrain. The horse is a representative of the same dam line of Kuhailan Afas, out of which descended the bay colt imported in 1931 by Bogdan Ziętarski from Bahrain to the stud of Prince Roman Sanguszko in Gumniska. Arabic countries do not specify sire lines and the stallions are classified according to their dam line. The Prince's acquisition received the name of Kuhailan Afas. He began a valuable sire line in Poland, whose famous representatives include Comet, Probat and Fawor.

   Kuheilaan Aafas Maidaan's sire, Shawaf Al Betaar, represents the Al-Shawafah line, whose male members are considered especially valuable. His sire, Musannaan Al-Meemar descends from the Musannah (Al-Musannah) line imported to Bahrain in the first half of the 20th century..

   The dam of Kuheilaan Aafas Maidaan, the bay Kuheila't Aafas Nood, represents the line of Kuheila’t Aafas, regarded as the most valuable line in that region. In the stud book of Bahrain it is listed as descending from the mare Kuheila't Aafas Alhamra. An outstanding representative of this family was Kuheila't Aafas Reem El-Nufood, from which descend all of today's horses from the line of Kuheila’t Aafas in Bahrain. Kuheila't Aafas Nood is her daughter.

   The stallion has a deep, strong, short and well coupled body and a slanting, long shoulder. His phenotype resembles the desert horses, such as were imported almost 100 years ago from the Arabian Peninsula. The stallion is of good nature, balaned, gentle, easy to handle and eager to work under saddle. This is probably the result of strict selection over many centuries in the Arabian Peninsula, where preferred were horses invincible in battle and travel, brave, full of stamina and devoted to man.

   He began his breeding career in 2015. Kuheilaan gained the interest of private breeders, who used him already in 2015.The first foals were born in January of 2016. As predicted, they present a different phenotype than horses in the stud and are strong an healthy.