Kahil Al Shaqab (US)
bay 2008
Al Shaqab Stud
Marwan Al Shaqab (QA)
bay 2000
Al Shaqab Stud
Gazal Al Shaqab (QA) Anaza El Farid (US)
Kajora (US)
Little Liza Fame (US) Fame VF (US)
Katahza (US)
OFW Mishaahl (US)
bay 2002
Orrion Farms
Mishaah (US) JK Spartan (US)
Mistral Bey (US)
OFW Balarina (US) RSD Dark Victory (US)
Balaquina (US)
grey 2008
Janów Podlaski Stud
grey 1990
Janów Podlaski Stud
Pepton Bandos
Etruria Palas (SU)
dark bay 2002
Janów Podlaski Stud
Pilot Fawor
Pętla Visbaden (SU)


General information

Breeder and owner: Janów Podlaski Stud

grey sire, born 12the of February, 2013
measurements: 152-174-18 cm

Sire line: Saklavi I 1886 Anazeh Ruala (B)
Dam line: Szamrajówka 1810 Biała Cerkiew (PL)

Racing record

2016-2017 – 11 starts: 1xI, 4xII, 2xIII, 3xV

Show record

2014 Junior Spring Show Yearling Top Five Stallion, Białka
2014 Prague Intercup Junior Champion Stallion, Prague (CZ)
2014 Prague European Cup Junior Champion Stallion, Pragaue (CZ)


   Peon is the son of Kahil Al Shaqab and grandson of Marwan Al Shaqab, one of the most valued sires in the world. Kahil Al Shaqab is the fourth son of Marwan used by Polish breeders (beside QR Marc, WH Kaneko MS and Abha Qatar). Kahil Al Shaqab is a distant relative of Bask, Eukaliptus and Naganka. Due to the repeated presence of Bask and Gwalior in the pedigree of his dam, OFW Mishaahl, half of his bloodline is Polish.

   Peon is a son of Penta and a grandson of Pętla, both representing the famous Janów Podlaski "P" line of Piewica. An interesting racing-pedigree of Pętla, daughter of Visbaden, is reflected in the stamina of her produce. Prado, Poligon and Pentagram have been successful at the track and Pentagram was one of the best horses of his crop. Pętla has definitely proven herself as a producer. Her sons are of a strong build, steel health and additionally beautiful. One of them, Pogrom, is a first ever Triple Crowned champion from the US (Scottsdale, Las Vegas & US Nationals), as well as a champion from the Junior Spring Show in Białka/Best in Show, Polish National Champion as both a junior and senior..

   Penta is the daughter of the wonderful Ecaho, sold to the US in 2003. Ecaho turned out to be the best son of Pepton, one of the best representatives of the Ibrahim d.d. sire line used in Poland. Characteristic for this line is the grey coat color, excellent Arabian type, a long neck, large eye and evident masculinity. Ecaho passes beauty and type onto his get, the best examples of which are Emanda, Esturia, Olita, Palmeta and Alhambra.

   Peon is a stallion with outstanding movement, a beautiful head and expressive eye. He completed a two year racing training program at Janów, after which he began endurance training. Later he took up breeding duties.