photo by Sylwia Iłenda

Laheeb (IL)
grey 1996
Ariela Arabians
Imperial Imdal (US)
grey 1982
Imperial Egyptian Stud
Ansata Imperial (US) Ansata Ibn Sudan (US)
Ansata Delilah (US)
Dalia (US) Morafic (EG)
Romanaa II (EG)
AK Latifa (US)
grey 1977
J. McCracken
Ibn Moniet El Nefous (EG) Morafic (EG)
Moniet El Nefous (EG)
Siralima (US) Ansata Ibn Halima (EG)
Asal Sirabba (US)
grey 1996
Janów Podlaski Stud
grey 1977
Janów Podlaski Stud
Bandos Negatiw (SU)
Pemba Czort
bay 1983
Janów Podlaski Stud
Probat (SE) Pohaniec
Borexia (SE)
Pentoda Bandos
Piewica (SU)


General information

Breeder and owned: Janów Podlaski Stud

PASB Vol. XIV-5, str. 74
grey sire, born 29th of January, 2001
measurements: 151-174-18 cm

Sire line: Saklawi I 1886, Anazeh Ruala (B)
Dam line: Szamrajówka ~1810, Biała Cerkiew (PL)

Racing record

2004 – 11 starts: 5xII, 1xIII, 2xIV

Show record

2002: Polish National Junior Reserve Champion Stallion, Białka
2002: Junior Champion Stallion, Warszawa
2003: All Nations Cup Junior Top Five Stallion, Aachen (DE)
2003: European Junior Top Five Stallion, Verona (IT)
2006: Senior Champion Stallion, Mińce
2007: Polish National Senior Champion Stallion, Janów Podlaski
2007: European Senior Top Five Stallion, Verona (IT)
2007: World Senior Top Ten Champion, Paris (FR)
2008: Autumn Show Senior Champion Stallion & Best in Show, Janów Podlaski

2008: World Senior Top Ten Stallion, Paris (FR)
2009: World Senior Top Ten Stallion, Paris (FR)
2010: World Senior Top Ten Stallion, Paris (FR)
2011: European Senior Top Five Stallion, Verona (IT)
2011: World Senior Top Ten Stallion, Paris (FR)
2012: Prague European Cup Senior Champion Stallion, Praga (CZ)
2012: Prague Intercup Senior Silver Champion Stallion, Praga (CZ)
2012: European Senior Top Five Stallion, Moorsele (BE)
2013: European Senior Bronze Champion Stallion, Verona (IT )


   Poganin is the son of Laheeb, leased from the Israeli stud of Ariela Arabians during 1999-2000 to add new blood to the Saklavi I sire line.

   In Michałów Laheeb gave such horses as Junior Spring Show Champion & Best in Show Wieża Babel, Polish National Junior Champion & Best in Show, European Reserve Champion Emira and Złocień – Polish National Junior Champion Stallion. In Janów the best turned out to be Siklawa (Polish National Reserve Junior Champion Stallion) and Perseusz (Poznań International Junior Champion Stallion).

   Poganin, a representative of the famous Janów "P"-line, is a son of Pohulanka – a daughter of Pepton, half-sister to the wonderful Pepesza. Pohulanka is also the dam of Pentamer (exported to France) and Porost, as well as the interesting young Pradera.

   Poganin is the most decorated son of all Polish get of Laheeb. Always highly regarded for his build and legs, he was regularly awarded with top marks for movement, won classes and championships.

   After a one year long racing training Poganin first began his breeding duties at Michałów and later at his maternal stud.