ENCARINA Best in Show of the 2019 Polish Nationals!

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ENCARINA Best in Show of the 2019 Polish Nationals!

ENCARINA Best in Show of the 2019 Polish Nationals!

During the 2019 Polish National Show our horses won two gold medals: ENCARINA (Junior Mares Championship) – later also chosen Best in Show – and POMIAN (Senior Stallions Championship). Two silver medals were awarded to BASILIA (Yearling Fillies Championship) and PITAWAL (Senior Stallions Championship), two bronze – AMIRATA (Yearling Fillies Championship) and ERANTIS (Yearling Colts Championship). We also took home two Top Five titles – thanks to APLIA (Yearling Fillies Championship) and PATERNA (Senior Mares Championship).


The award for Best Racehorse of the Show went to BIGAMIA (Ekstern – Barka/Ararat), while Kamil Biernat was chosen as Best Trainer of the Show.


Below are the results of our horses in individual classes:


Yearling colts (class 4A)

4th PATHOS (EKS Alihandro – Palmeta/Ecaho)

5th PRINS (Pogrom – Pinga/Gazal Al Shaqab)


Two year old colts (class 5)

1st ERANTIS (Ascot DD – Eugara/Om El Bellissimo)


Stallions 4-6 years old (class 10)

1st PITAWAL (Kahil Al Shaqab – Pepita/Ekstern)

3rd PEON (Kahil Al Shaqab – Penta/Ecaho)


Stallions 7 years old and above (class 11)

1st POMIAN (Gazal Al Shaqab – Pilar/Fawor)

4th BAROK (Om El Bellissimo – Baida/Balon)


Yearling fillies (class 1A)

1st APLIA (Pomian – Anima/Ekstern)

2nd BASILIA (Pogrom – Binduga/Kahil Al Shaqab)

3rd POLANICA (EKS Alihandro – Pianova/Eden C)


Yearling fillies (class 1B)

2nd AMIRATA (EKS Alihandro – Alhasa/Ganges)

4th EFIDENIA (Pomian – El Fada/Ekstern)


Two year old fillies (class 2A)

1st ENCARINA (Ascot DD – Eneria/QR Marc)

3rd PAOLILA (Pogrom – Potentilla/Ekstern)


Two year old fillies (class 2B)

3rd PILA (Abyad AA – Piba/Gazal Al Shaqab)

5th PASCUALA (Ascot DD – Palmeta/Ecaho)


Three year old fillies (class 3)

3rd TACJANA (Ascot DD – Tartina/Perseusz)


Mares 4-6 years old (class 7A)

2nd ATAKAMA (Empire – Atma/Ekstern)

3rd PREGOŁA (Vitorio TO – Perespa/Enzo)

5th BEIRA (Pogrom – Berenika/Eden C)


Mares 4-6 years old (class 7B)

1st PROMETIDA (Kahil Al Shaqab – Panonia/Eukaliptus)

4th BAMBINA (Kahil Al Shaqab – Bellisa/Poganin)


Mares 7-10 years old (class 8A)

2nd PATERNA (Eden C – Pinga/Gazal Al Shaqab)

3rd WIGA (Om El Bellissimo – Wołogda/Ekstern)

5th PATRIA (Eden C – Palmeta/Ecaho)


Mares 7-10 years old (class 8B)

2nd EUZONA (Om El Bellissimo – Euzetia/Etogram)

4th EL FADA (Ekstern – El Fatha/Entyk)


Mares 11 years old and above (class 9)

4th ATMA (Ekstern – Altona/Eukaliptus)

5th WOŁOGDA (Ekstern – Wanilia/Alegro)